PLASU Community Stunned by VC’s Passion for Teaching

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In a display of what has been labelled as “setting a remarkable precedent in the university’s history,” the Acting Vice Chancellor of the Plateau State University, Prof. Shadrack Gaya Best recently demonstrated his passion and dedication towards academic excellence as he dropped down tools in his office and engaged in teaching postgraduate students, an act that has set many tongues wagging.

A statement signed by Masara Kim on behalf of the Public Relations Officer of the institution said, “In an inspiring demonstration of leadership and dedication to academic excellence, Professor Shedrack Gaya Best, the Acting Vice Chancellor of Plateau State University (PLASU), has actively engaged in teaching postgraduate students, setting a remarkable precedent in the university’s history.

“On May 28, Professor Best stood in front of a 20-man post-graduate class, delivering a dynamic lecture to master’s degree students of the Political Science Department. This marked the second in a series of such lectures the Professor of Political Science has conducted in just four days, an initiative that both staff and students have widely praised.”

PLASU VC doing what he knows best

The statement added that for two hours, the VC guided the various groups of students through several aspects of social science research.

“Dressed in a striped brown shirt and black trousers, Prof. Best maintained a cheerful and calm demeanour, fostering an open and interactive classroom environment. The VC’s approachable nature was evident as he warmly responded to all queries and contributions, demonstrating a commendable commitment to student engagement.

“Throughout the session, Professor Best took the time to pause and provide one-on-one reviews with students, ensuring everyone was on the same page. His use of relatable examples and occasional light-hearted jokes made the lectures informative and enjoyable, creating a positive and conducive learning atmosphere.

Lecture in session

“This innovative approach by the VC and his involvement in teaching even while overseeing his administrative duties has been “exemplary and unprecedented in the university’s history,” adding the approach of the Acting Vice Chancellor, underscored his dedication to the academic and personal growth of PLASU’s students.

“Professor Best is projected to continue his teaching engagements until the lecturers currently overseeing ongoing undergraduate examinations resume their duties. His efforts have set a high standard for academic leadership and have been a source of inspiration for the entire university community,” the statement stated.

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