13-year-old Student Memorizes Colossians

By Nick Yashi

A 13-year-old junior secondary student, Jonah James of ECWA Shavon- Jalingo, Taraba State, has successfully memorized the four chapters of the Book of Colossians of the Bible without escaping a word.

James, who emerged second in a Bible competition organized by ECWA Taraba DCC, said his goal was to represent the DCC in the national competition coming soon.

During a brief ceremony during Sunday Service, James was asked by the pastor to memorize the first chapter of the Book of Colossians, which he did to the admiration of the congregation.

13 Year-old Jonah James of ECWA Shavon, Jalingo Successfully Memorized the Four Chapters of the Book of Colossians.

The Teenage Sunday School Teacher of the church, Dauda Armstrong Adams, disclosed that the Children Ministry being run by the church was responsible for the success.

He added that despite the short notice towards the competition, James was able to come out tops.

“We had a competition recently and my student, Jonah James recited the whole Book of Colossians in which he came second and to the glory of God, it was very wonderful. We are pleased, we are ECWA Shavon, Hallelujah!

“The Book of Colossians has four chapters and he recited all without escaping any part,” he revealed.

When asked how he was able to get the boy to memorize the Book, he said, “It wasn’t up to two months I guess, we told them there would be a competition and we just gave them the chapters to go and memorize. The notice just came suddenly and before we knew it, the conference had started. Everything went on smoothly and Jonah did wonderfully.”

The genius, Jonah James, said he was attracted by the gifts they promised to give the first, second and third winners and so joined the competition.

According to him, “I started practicing. I made it perfect on Thursday and on Friday I came and presented it perfectly.”

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