Senator Remi Tinubu And The Real Wolves

By Chris Gyang

Providence has an unpredictable ability to expose the true nature of human beings in a way that reveals their innermost thoughts, feelings and nature.

Distinguished Senator Remi Tinubu, wife of APC National Leader, Senator Bola Tinubu, will make one heck of a First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when her husband finally realizes his well-choreographed dance towards Nigeria’s Presidency in 2023.

Many may believe that when Distinguished Senator Remi Tinubu sat comfortably in the hallowed chambers of the Senate that Tuesday, April 27, 2021, she did not actually foresee that the hands of fate were going to deal her a heavy blow.

Of course, she must have been deceived by the fact that her dear husband, who held a meeting with President Buhari the night before, had once again used sophistry on the embattled and confused president to smoothen their ride to Aso Villa.

Even on that night when the country continued to boil, her husband gleefully told reporters at the Abuja seat of power that Nigerians would still vote their APC into power in 2023 because, presumably, Tinubu and the other forces in that Party had performed excellently in the last six years.

Senator Remi Tinubu and Senator Smart Adeyemi-APC Senators Differ on State of the Nation

Certainly, discerning Nigerians knew that Tinubu the husband was exclusively giving himself the pass mark, without regard for Buhari’s sorry condition nor the rampaging Boko Haram, banditry and the fate of hundreds of innocent Nigerians being held captive for ransom and sex slavery. He was mainly posturing in readiness for assuming the Presidency in 2023. We should add that his wife must have been privy to his efforts which she thought had edged them closer to the juicy pot of Abuja political power.

Which was why she was so miffed and horrified the next day when Senator Adeyemi, a fellow APC member, stood up and reeled out volumes of lamentations about the abject failure of the Tinubus’ APC to secure the lives and property of ordinary Nigerians – north, south, east and west.

Apparently, her fellow APC member was using truth to burst the well calculated myth of national tranquility, peace and progress that she and her husband, the APC and their leaders in parliament had crafted throughout these horrific six years.

Admitted, when you keep on repeating a lie, your audience invariably gets to ultimately believe it as the undeniable truth. But, conversely, when you consistently issue out untruths, you yourself could get entangled in its web to such an extent that you totally lose sight of reality.

By questioning her fellow APC member’s allegiance to their Party and accusing him of being “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” for telling the truth, Distinguished Senator Remi Tinubu finally confirmed the fears of a great number of Nigerians: the APC must continue with the odious narrative that the country is not on the precipice so as to keep on deceiving Nigerians who are living witnesses to persisting, bloody, realities on ground, so that the APC can continue holding on to power.

Does she presume that all Nigerians who have been calling out to President Buhari to sit up and do real and responsibile governance are anti-APC? Is she telling Nigerians that the current state of national discontent, fear, youth restiveness, dispossession of ancestral lands by armed Fulani herdsmen, kidnapping, etc, ravaging Nigeria should simply be pushed aside in deference to Party loyalty and other primordial considerations?

Surely, Remi Tinubu will be a heck of a First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, come 2023. But, of course, the suffering occasioned by the indifference of the Buhari government, propped by the Tinubus’ empire, along with other self-serving interests, can no longer be swept under the carpet. The APC can conviniently call Senator Adeyemi to ‘order’.   But, whatever his personal intentions may have been, Nigerians feel that he has burst the obnoxious bubble of silence, conspiracy, double-speak and political correctness that have combined to push Nigeria into the present ever precarious quicksand. 

This egregious culture of continually being victims, which has today become the lot of the largest number of Nigerians under the Buhari government, has a way of teaching citizens the bitter lesson about how to sift the grains from the chaff and telling who has either failed or succeeded in the department of patriotism, true national leadership and governance.

And, most importantly, this unacceptable  situation of having record numbers of citizen-victims all over the country is doubtless teaching Nigerians the hard way how to decipher the true sheep in wolves’ clothing.

Nigerians now know that the real wolves are these vicious governments and their apologists who have continued to savagely devour our country and her peoples through their indifference to, and tacit support for,  jihadi insurgency, bloody banditry and exponential lawlessness, kidnapping of innocent Nigerians, especially students, and Fulani terrorism in furtherance of their narrow political, economic, religious and ethnic interests.

Therefore, Nigerians must collectively and decisively resist this well-orchestrated, big time, game of sophistry and deception and take their own destiny in their hands.

Twice bitten….

(GYANG is the Chairman, Journalists Coalition for Citizens’ Rights Initiative – JCCRI).

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