There is Serious Discord in Plateau – Gbong Gwom Jos

By Ralph Madugu

The Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jocb Gyang Buba has expressed worry over the level of disharmony among the people of Plateau State.

The monarch who is also the Chairman, Plateau State Council of Chief and Emirs said this during an interdenominational victory thanksgiving service held at the Rwang Pam Stadium in Jos.

He said “There is serious discord in Plateau. Tribal and ethnic, if we do not mend fences and come together, our prayers and our thanksgiving are a waste of time.”

The paramount ruler stated that the level of discord among the people has become worrisome to the Council, hence the need for reconciliation among the people so as to move together as a people.

While acknowledging that God did not make a mistake in bringing the various ethnic groups together to make up Plateau State and giving the State its neighbours.

Da Jacob Gyang Buba-Gbong Gwom Jos and Chairman Plateau State Council of Chiefs

The royal father emphasized that it would be difficult for the people of Plateau to glorify God if they do not reconcile their differences and build a better Plateau that everyone is yearning for.

While rejoicing with the people of Plateau and governor Caleb Mutfwang on his victory at the polls and the reaffirmation of his election at the Supreme Court, the Gbong Gwom said “I stand here on behalf of the Plateau State Council of Chiefs and Emirs to reiterate here the fact that the battle indeed is finished.”

The royal father who expressed gratitude to God for the confidence he gave Gov. Mutfwang while the legal battle lasted, said he believed that God saw the governor’ “clean heart,” hence the people of the state were gathered in celebration and thanksgiving to God for the victory.

While reminding the governor of the leadership burden and the expectations of the people on him, the traditional ruler said “I want to use this opportunity to remind his excellency, when the VP came here and we drove with him to Bokkos and this was even before the judgment but the governor was confident that he called other former governors that were there and confessed to the people that they have been the cause of the discomfort in Plateau State but he sincerely apologized and said they had met and agreed to make Plateau peaceful.

“And this is why I stand here on behalf of the state traditional council to hold His Excellency, Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang to these words that he himself uttered.

Plateau citizens at the Jos Township Stadium during the victory thanksgiving service

He advised the governor to do his best in meeting the yearnings of the people as according to him, there are a lot of expectations on him as governor.

“The crowd that we are seeing today, is similar like the crowd that gathered here when you were being sworn into office. And even as that, the things that happened before this judgment, we don’t envy you at all. Because there is a lot, expectations from Plateau State on you. I know you have heavy shoulders but not heavy to carry the expectations of these people.

“People who have gone through so much strain because of the poor economy and insecurity and we are still on but they have the courage to gather in these numbers to come and thank God for His wonderful work.

While cautioning the governor, the Gbong Gwom said “Let me sound a word of warning, just like Jesus at His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, there was a crowd may be bigger than this that were hailing Him because they thought He was going to take over from the Romans but when that didn’t happen, the same crowd turned and  were the ones shouting crucify Him. May it never be so with you. May this crowd always go along with you and encourage you into building the Plateau of our dream.

He reminded the people that they also have individual roles to play, as according to him, governing the state was an assignment for all and not for the governor alone.

“It is our assignment. And in our little corners, if we do our own bit, even just by obedience, the Lord will bless us accordingly. We have prayed, sang but let me remind us that the Bible clearly say, it is not about what we do.

“We have prayed to God and He has given us the victory. Now what is your response? God is watching you. The only way this thanksgiving can manifest itself is when you deliver. And then God will know that we were serious when we gave Him thanksgiving.

“It is our assignment. And in our little corners, if we do our own bit, even just by obedience, the Lord will bless us accordingly. We have prayed, sang but let me remind us that the Bible clearly say, it is not about what we do.

“So, the Christianity we are praying today is a Christianity of doing not only of saying. May we find grace with God to truly do His will. I want to appeal, all of us gathered here and those at home, we must continue to cooperate with him. Each one of us has a role to play and when we must play these roles diligently, he stated.

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