Gov. Mutfwang Mentoring Youths for Leadership Role in Plateau

By Gyang Bere

The government of Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang from inception did not hide the fact that the youth have a huge responsibility in pushing his agenda for the development of the state. For this reason, he made a solemn promise not to abandon them if he was elected governor of the state.

The colour of the things to come became manifest two months after his inauguration when chief executives of major government boards and parastatals were appointed with no one left in doubt over this vow.

The resolve to entrust the youth with leadership position was again exhibited in the choice of members of the State Executive Council as well as Chief Executives of MDAs. This development will be a test of their capabilities in leadership.

Governor Caleb Mutfwang

They need to prove their mettle as the governor’s effort is a display of ample faith in what they can bring to the table. That they have much to add to the course of development in the state is further explained in the enthusiasm and strategy of using ideas to birth and drive changes.

Those so far given these challenges are mostly young, energetic egg heads that have been carefully chosen by the governor and are willing to unleash their capability for the betterment of the state and its people. Nothing could have been better than to have such persons entrusted with responsibility in the face of the doubts that had been expressed about them repeatedly in the past.

The fact that they were not trusted in the past with responsibility is enough to challenge them. The governor believes, like many, that youth in Plateau have come of age and must be trusted with leadership positions.

It should, however, be noted that the older ones may not have disappointed in the running of the state; there comes a time in the life of a people that a change is expected to be injected. The youth may have learnt enough to be given the needed space to exercise their capacity in leadership.

At the head of the pack, the resilience of the governor and his deputy is expected to be used as the guide to change the development narratives of the state which has been stunted by insecurity and other forces in the course of the years.

All that is required of them is to key into the vision to drive leadership in the state in the next four years. That vision in the initiative could be seen as one that places the recovery and protection of Plateau as foremost.

The institutions they have been posted to are key institutions of government and sufficient time was taken to shuffle them from the pack to appoint them. The government is persuaded they will ensure that those institutions are reformed to become service-oriented for the purposes for which they were intended.

As the governor stated, this is not a chieftaincy title where their involvement shall be for life. It then means that they shall be held accountable for what they do while holding forte according to performance so that ‘once the performance is not satisfactory, other persons may be offered the chance to step into their shoes.

Their success will mean moving Plateau State forward for good. The fact that government has been fair to all, irrespective of faith and creed in the distribution of offices, the burden of their oath would be enough challenge to stand out.

Members of the State Executive Council during Inauguration in Jos

The fact that the governor has placed premium on the path of fairness and justice is enough to rekindle the enthusiasm that greeted their appointments. It is for this reason that the celebrations have continued in the state, thus reminding all that they cannot toy with the enormous responsibilities placed on their shoulders and or disappoint the state.

There are still many who would have been considered but for the few vacancies available. While we urged such persons in this category to be patient, it is on record that they have been assured of being carried along – an acknowledgment that they can add value to the governance process on the Plateau.

It is gratifying that Governor Mutfwang has reiterated in unmistakable terms that ‘the Time is Now’ ‘when every Plateau citizen must rise to the occasion by doing what is humanly right to propel the state to greater heights through their services.

Given the present harsh economic situation in the country, they need to be reminded that the opportunity they have been offered in the service of the state is to rise beyond their personal needs and selfish goals and desires.

Those who have been selected are aware they come from different locals, meaning they don’t represent the communities they come from. They are the property of the state and of the people, once they see themselves as representatives of particular communities, they immediately loose the essence of their appointment.

Plateau stands on the threshold of being liberated from many evils. The collective endeavours of the new set of commissioners and chief executives of agencies must be able to take the state out of the shackles of poverty and of insecurity. The dream should not be left to die; the time is now for us to pursue our collective dream of defending our heritage until we are better together.

Bere is the Director of Press and Public Affairs to Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang of Plateau State.

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