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The newly sworn in ECWA President, Rev. Dr Job Ayuba Bagat has assured that his administration would advocate for the protection of religious freedom and rights of minority groups including ECWA members at all levels of government.

Bagat disclosed this in his inaugural speech during his installation as the 12th president of the denomination in Jos, Plateau State.

The cleric while expressing gratitude to God for His divine guidance throughout the election process acknowledged that as the 12th President of ECWA, he was aware of the privilege and responsibility that accompany the office adding that he has accepted the privilege with humility and gratitude for the trust bestowed upon him.

While paying tribute to past ECWA leaders, the cleric said, “I pay tribute to the exceptional leaders who have preceded me, recognizing the legacy of vision, wisdom, and perseverance they have bequeathed to us, I accept this privilege with humility and profound gratitude for the trust you have bestowed upon me.”

Serving and retired ECWA leaders welcoming the new ECWA President and the Assistant General Secretary

On his vision for ECWA, the President said “As I assume the mantle of leadership within the ECWA family, my vision is to embody a harmonious blend of heavenly principles and earthly relevance. This entails upholding the values of heaven in our worship, and evangelism, discipleship and missions, while simultaneously effecting tangible change on earth through active community involvement, mentorship and social transformation modelled after the teachings of Christ.”

He added that ECWA was strategically positioned to be part of the solution to global challenges, hence he was confident that “together, we can make a meaningful impact in our communities and beyond.”

On unity and diversity, the cleric regretted that the Church had experienced fragmentation and division based on what he described as “superficial differences” that had hindered the ability of the church to exemplify true unity in diversity to the secular society.

“As we embark on this new chapter together, I want to emphasize the importance of unity in diversity within our church. We are a community of believers from different backgrounds, cultures and traditions but we are united in our faith faith in Jesus Christ,” he stressed.

On nation-building, the ECWA President said: “As we chart the course for the future of ECWA, it is paramount that we forge strong partnerships with government entities at all levels. Collaboration with government agencies presents a unique opportunity to leverage resources, access support and advocate for policies that foster the growth and development of our church community.

“I am committed to establishing open lines of communication and building productive relationships with government officials, from local municipalities to national bodies. By engaging in constructive dialogue and cooperation, we can address shared challenges and seize opportunities for advancement.”

Delivering a sermon, the President of the Church of Christ in Nations, COCIN, Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo said no organization or nation can develop without a leader as according to him, leadership defines a Church or a nation.

The cleric who spoke on “Stepping Aside with Grace,” posited that leadership has phases, beginning and ending adding that any leadership that is not from God, goes with crisis.

Drawing lessons from Numbers 8:23-28 and Joshua 5:1-6, Rev. Dr Mohzo explained  that leaders, especially Church Leaders are set aside by God for service.

While calling on the Church members to support the new leadership, Mohzo advised  the new ECWA President to put God first in his dealings and God will lead His Church to revival.

Congratulating Rev. Dr. Stephen Panya Baba for the selfless service to God in His vineyard and the successful completion of his tenure as ECWA President,  the COCIN President described retirement as “a day every servant of God looks forward to.”

In his farewell remarks, outgone ECWA President, Rev. (Dr) Stephen Panya Baba said, “ECWA work is like a ‘Soldier’s work.’ Soldier comes, Soldier goes, Barrack remains! So also, the ECWA President comes, the ECWA President goes, ECWA remains. I came, and the time for me to go has come, but ECWA remains until Christ comes back again.”

Rev. Baba recalled that six years ago, precisely on Saturday 2nd June 2024, he delivered his inaugural speech, outlining what he believed was God’s leading and vision, as regards His calling upon his life into the office of  ECWA President.

While acknowledging that God had “reoriented and repositioned ECWA spiritually to forge ahead for greater exploits,” there was still much more to be done and prayed to God to continue to use the leaders succeeding us with those we are leaving behind, to continue this very critical work in Jesus’ name.

The cleric acknowledged that the achievements and progress recorded during his tenure were not without challenges and urged his successor to continue adhering to the provisions of the ECWA Constitution and Bye-Laws, and all other ECWA books, and laws of the land that govern the operation of ECWA as a faith-based organization, including CAMA.

“You must resist the pressure from any quarters to violate any provision or law so as not to jeopardize the operations of ECWA.

“Remember that the ECWA Executive under your leadership and watch is accountable to the General Church Council, but much more importantly, you are ultimately accountable to God, who called you, and to whom one day we shall all give account of our stewardship, whether good or bad.

Rev Dr Sunday Congo pledging his loyalty and allegiance to God and ECWA

“To avoid having regrets now or in eternity before God’s judgment seat, then, you must pray for God’s grace, to do your very best within the God-given three-year period that you have, to lift ECWA to greater heights, advance the Kingdom of God and glorify His name, as aptly expressed in our ECWA Anthem; “And through ECWA Your Name be glorified Oh God be glorified.”

Plateau State Governor, Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang who applauded ECWA for the successful conduct of its election said ECWA has “paid its dues,” in nation-building, particularly in the areas of Agriculture, health care, education and human capital development, aside the role it is playing in the aspect of spirituality.

Gov. Mutfwang congratulated Rev. Dr. Stephen Panya Baba for the successful completion of his tenure and prayed to God to grant Rev. Dr. Job Ayuba Bagat a successful tenure assuring that his government would continue to ensure peace in the state.

There were goodwill messages from President  Bola Tinubu, President of, the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), ECWA Board of Trustee, Government of Kaduna, Nasarawa and Gombe States among others.

Highpoint of the event was the administering of the oath of allegiance to the new ECWA President and the Assistant General Secretary respectively.

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