Bokkos Attacks: Group Demands Enquiry into Release of Suspect in the 2023 Christmas Eve Attacks

A socio-cultural group under the auspices of Bokkos Cultural Development Council, BCDC, has called on the Plateau State Government to launch an enquiry into the purported release of a suspect involved in the 2023 Christmas Eve attack in Bokkos.

In a petition signed by BCDC Chairman, Barr. Farmasum Fuddang

and its Secretary, Amb. Duwam Bosco and 10 others,  addressed to the Attorney General of Plateau State, the group said, “We represent a socio-cultural group and a collective of youth activists from Bokkos LGA, Plateau State, deeply affected by the tragic events (Fulani attacks) that transpired on the eve of Christmas at Bokkos which resulted in the loss of over 300 lives.

“It has come to our attention that Jibrin Musa, who was apprehended by the security agents and confessed to his involvement in the heinous Christmas Eve attacks on Bokkos LGA, has been released under circumstances that we believe merit serious scrutiny and reconsideration.”

Gov. Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau State

BCDC added the fact that Jibrin Musa openly confessed in a widely circulated video to his role in the attacks before security agents and yet has been released without prosecution is deeply troubling.

The group maintained that this decision not only undermines the justice sought by the victims and their families but also potentially jeopardizes the safety and security of our community.

“We understand that the legal processes are complex and multifaceted; however, given the severity of the crime and the confession of the said Jibrin Musa, this release is both shocking and concerning.”

While calling for the government to ensure justice for the victims and their families, the group on the authorities to re-examine the details surrounding the release of Jibrin Musa, particularly in light of his confession, and provide a transparent explanation to the public.

“We respectfully write and urge you to as a matter of urgency: Reconsider the implications of this release on the victims and the broader community’s sense of security.

“Take immediate steps to ensure that justice is served in a manner that upholds the law and deters future acts of terrorism or similar incidents.

“We trust in your commitment to justice and in your role as a protector of the legal rights and safety of all citizens in Plateau State.

“We hope for your swift action and response to this pressing matter,” the group stated.

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