Christians Tasked on Seeking Peace of the Land

By Ralph Madugu

Christians have been reminded on the importance of seeking the peace of the land as instructed in Jeremiah 29:7.

Addressing delegates at the opening of the 103rd General Council meeting of the Church of Christ in Nations, COCIN, in Jos, President of the church, Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo reminded Christians, especially COCIN members, not to forget that they were called to be agents of change in their various communities.

The cleric added that Christians have a significant role to play in building and maintaining peace in the church and the nation as a whole.

He stated that COCIN has a long history of involvement in impacting the world positively, adding that it was rightly reflected in its aims and objectives.

Mohzo noted that, as Christians must recognize their role in nation building, sitting back and watching as the nations were torn apart by conflict and unrest was insufficient.

COCIN President Rev Dr. Amos Musa Mohzo

“We must actively seek to be peace makers, just as our Lord Jesus Christ instructed us to do.

“As the Church of Christ in Nations, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.

“We can bring hope to those who are hopeless, love to those who are unloved and peace to those who are in turmoil. We can work together to build strong, resilient communities built in love, trust and mutual respect.

“We must begin by recognizing that seeking the peace of the land is not passive. It requires active engagement with our LCCs, RCCs, PCCs and all departments, understanding the root causes of conflict and working together to address them.

“We must be willing to speak out against injustice and lack of transparency to challenge those in leadership who act unjustly and work tirelessly to promote peace and reconciliation.

“I believe “seeking the Peace of the Land” is about building a just, fair and equitable society for all. It is about creating opportunities for everyone to thrive, regardless of background or circumstances. It is about building a Church and community where everyone has a seat at the table and a voice in the decision that affects their lives.”

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