Lots of Killings Going on and Nobody is talking – COCIN President

By Ralph Madugu

COCIN President, Rev. Dr. Amos Mohzo has raised alarm over the deteriorating security situation in the country.

The cleric made this declaration while addressing delegates at the opening of the ongoing 101 General Council meeting of the denomination at its headquarters in Jos, Plateau State.

Rev. Dr. Mohzo, who spoke on the Church and national issues, said the Church had been engulfed by insecurity, persecution and suffering, adding that there were forces of darkness militating against the Church were increasing on daily basis.

He lamented that there were a lot of killings going on in the country, yet nobody was talking about it.

According to him, killing had become “a normal practice” in the land, adding that nobody ever imagined the recent gruesome murder and burning of Miss Deborah Yakubu, a student of Shehu Shagari College of Education Sokoto.

COCIN President Rev Dr. Amos Musa Mohzo

Said he: “Kidnapping has become a lucrative business that seems there is no end to the menace. It is a deliberate and well-orchestrated evil that left innocent people without certainty of living.”

While admonishing Nigerians to watch and pray, the cleric urged them, especially Christians, to be deliberate in protecting their God-given inheritance and improve vigilance in their communities.

On the issue of land-grabbing, the COCIN President said “There are nefarious elements who have been well supported and sponsored to ransack and displace us from our inherited land. They are not only out to grab and grasp our inheritance, but they are out to destroy and annihilate us.

“We must be aware that sophisticated weapons are with these elements, and they are well trained for war. Our members should be watchful and guard themselves within the legal provision of self defence. There is no longer time to slumber, while waiting for security from the government. Communities must guard their lands, properties and inheritance.”

The cleric, who decried the poor state of the economy and its threats to the Church, advised Christians to avoid unnecessary spending, competitive lifestyle and be contented with what they have.

The cleric reminded delegates that the church had the mandate to provide spiritual guide to constituted authority.

Cross Section of Delegates at the GCC Meeting

He stated that the Bible is clear on the fact that political leadership was instituted by God for orderliness and security of His creation, adding that the biggest mistake the Church makes is to “throw away her responsibility” as a result of which according to him, the Church “must pay the price and suffer its consequences.” 

“We are once again faced with the serious matter of leadership recruitment and regime change in our country. Activities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the political parties leading to the general elections of 2023 are proceeding with full speed now. But how prepared are the Church and its members to the intent that we would have succeeded in producing God-fearing, credible and competent leaders for our country at this time?

“And even before the general elections, will there be among the candidates that the political party will present to the electorate, devoted members of the Church and other known children of God, who are committed to doing all that the Lord desires for our country?

“Do we have our dedicated members and other known children of God involved in the political processes – in INEC, in the political parties, in the security agencies, in the media, etc, who are God’s agents for ensuring justice, fairness, and the general wellbeing of the people?”

The cleric called on Christians and COCIN members to guard against any “divisive spirit”, adding that there was no substitute to unity if the church is to survive the next phase of its existence as one entity.

Rev. Mohzo posited that the acceptable man in God’s hand is a disciple as according to him, discipleship is a life of pleasing God.

“If a man will follow God, he or she must have taken after the pattern of Christ, therefore, if any work is going to be acceptable before God, it must be the one that carries a divine signature of Jesus Christ,” he stated.

Giving an update on the Karl Kumm University, Rev Mohzo told the delegates that the COCIN Executive had pleaded with the National Universities Commission (NUC) to grant it an extension to sort out the internal problems aside other efforts that had been made towards reopening the institution.

Earlier in a goodwill message, Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau State congratulated COCIN on its 101 years GCC meeting

Represented by his deputy, Prof. Sonni Tyoden, Lalong noted that, while it is easier to celebrate the years as they come, such celebrations should also be avenues to reflect on the challenges facing the church.

Gov. Lalong tasked the COCIN leadership to “walk the talk” by providing a direction for the society to follow rather than remain a bystander.

Also in a goodwill message, General Secretary, Tarrayar Ekklesiyoyin Kristi A Nijeriya, Rev. Moses Ebuga, commended COCIN for being one of the pillars of TEKAN since its establishment in 1955.

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