Why is it Hard to Accept that there are People in Nigeria who Believe in Radical Islam and Islamization of the Country by Jihad? – COCIN President

By Ralph Madugu

The President of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) has questioned why it is hard for Nigerians to accept that there exist in the country people who believe in radical Islam and the Islamization of the country through Jihad.

Speaking on the state of the nation in his address to delegates at the opening of the on-going Centenary General Church Council meeting in Jos, Plateau State, COCIN President, Rev. Prof. Dachollom Datiri, stated that it was obvious that the security problem in the country was beyond Boko Haram, Fulani herders, bandits, kidnappers and criminals, alleging that all these names were being used “deceptively so that the real problem is not tackled.”

The cleric added that insecurity in the country continued to worsen because the security architecture in the country was unable to deal with the situation alleging that there appeared to be a deliberate attempt to frustrate any effort to improve the situation.

Rev. Prof. Dachollom Datiri- COCIN President

Said he: “Isn’t the problem ideological? Why is it hard for us to accept that there exist in this country people who believe in radical Islam and the Islamization of this country by Jihad?”

Prof. Datiri opined that while the Church celebrated the release of Rev. Polycarp Zongo, Lilian Gyang, Grace Tuka, Alice Ngaddah, Leah Sharibu and some of the Chibok girls were still in captivity, since 2014.

The cleric who decried the inflationary trend in the country, maintained that the ongoing depreciation of the Naira against the Dollar was “grossly and negatively” affecting prices of goods and service thereby making life harder for ordinary citizens.

He lamented that many families were struggling to feed and called on government to reverse the situation.

The COCIN President expressed worry that Nigeria currently occupied the149th position among 183 countries on the Corruption Perception Index and the 2nd most corrupt country in West Africa.

Cross Section of Delegates at the GCC Meeting

According to him, corruption was playing out in the all sectors, including the kind of lopsided appointments and advised the current administration to “sit up soon as its campaign promises are suffering seriously in terms of fulfilment.”

Speaking on matters relating to the Church, the cleric said “Dirty politics is already threatening our existence. Already there are reports of the same kinds of stuff that go on in the secular politics or even worse. This is scary and must be addressed and nib in the bud or it will scatter the church.”

He admonished the delegates not to allow dirty politics influence them as they elect a new president in the course of the GCC meeting adding, “My prayer has been, and continues to be like that of Moses that God will give us a Joshua who will take COCIN to the promised land.”

Giving an update on the Karl Kumm University, the COCIN President blamed ‘mischief makers’ for the suspension of its licence by the National Universities Commission.

“While they appear to be succeeding, it must be stated that it is only for a temporary setback because the KKU dream is a God given vision, God’s project that can never be thwarted, and those mischief makers will pay dearly.”

The COCIN President cautioned that the corona virus had not yet been eradicated, hence people must continue to learn ways of living with it adding that part of it was to adapt new ways of worship and ministering to members.

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