Plateau Youth G17 Demands Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Compensation to Attacked Communities

A pressure group Plateau Youth G17 has demanded for urgent rehabilitation and reconstruction of communities as payment of compensation to families affected by recent attacks on Miango and other communities across the state.

In a Press Statement in Jos, the group also called on the Plateau State Government to take “immediate steps at reclaiming land grabbed by herdsmen in Barkin  Ladi, Bassa, Riyom, parts of Mangu, and Bokkos LGAs respectively.”

They also called on the State Government to “reevaluate its existing security strategies and begin conscious funding and repositioning of OPERATION RAINBOW in line with the vision of the previous Jang administration to make it more proactive in its approach, than the mere reactive or non-existent role it is playing at the moment.”

According to them, their demands and suggestions to the authorities is in a bid to contribute to the search for lasting solutions to the prevailing security challenges and the enthronement of sustainable peace in Plateau State.

The group while calling on representatives at the state and federal levels, to take advantage of the timeliness of the clamour for State Police outfits in Nigeria and aggressively lobby to have it included and passed into law, as a panacea to the current horrific wave of terror across the country which they opined has overwhelmed the limited number of legitimate state law enforcement actors.

Leaders of the Plateau Youth G17

While demanding for apology from the Plateau State Police Command to the Irigwe nation and indeed, Plateau citizens for what they tagged “the hasty labeling of perpetrators of the dastardly carnage of 14th August 2021 by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), for his inciting ethnic profiling and unprofessional conduct that allegedly fueled the already “deadly conflagration of passions, negative sentiments and warlike readiness of communities across the state and country,” the youth group said it noted with utter dismay the  continuous killings in Miango and tensions in Dong and Dadin Kowa areas.

According to them these recent attacks have resulted in yet another act of annihilation of Plateau communities in Yelwa Zangam, even when the curfew hours were still in place.

 “It was within this same period that about 8 staff of the Plateau Radio Television Corporation (PRTVC) escaped death by the whiskers at the Dadin Kowa area. This is unacceptable and a clear pointer that no one is safe in an atmosphere where there is a near-total breakdown of law and order.”

The youths who reiterated their earlier call urging the State House of Assembly to commence impeachment proceedings against the governor adding that they have lost confidence in the Governor’s ability to lead the State and manage its robust diversities.

“We lend our voices strongly to that of well-meaning The Plateau Youth G17 Peace and Progressive Forum, therefore, this is not a sentimental thing for us, but a patriotic call of duty aimed at saving Plateau from being overrun and occupied by expansionist Fulani militia.

“We, therefore, call on all citizens to mobilize and support this patriotic call to action by ensuring that their representatives in the house of assembly do the needful and impeach the governor for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty as he has failed in the principal and primary responsibility of protecting the lives of the citizens he governs.”

In what the group described as “one-sided response by state institutions” it berated the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) “who in their characteristic manner of distorting facts and trying to set one ethnic/religious group against the other, made unsubstantiated, armchair analysis of the sad events of 14th August 2021,” the Plateau Youth G 17 opined that while it is true that Jos has been in the news for the wrong reasons especially due to reoccurrence of deadly highway attacks on travelers, what they (CNG) failed to mention in their mischievous historical analysis, are the circumstances and prevailing atmosphere when each of those sad events occurred.

“Simply presenting or painting a picture of highway attacks and also attempting to shift attention to another ethnic group (the Berom) when the current facts are at variance, is nothing but an attempt to generate multiple targets for their ethno-religious cleansing campaign as the tone of their evil press statement suggests.

“Where, if we may ask is the CNG in the case of the deadly night attack on Yelwa Zangam? Is there humanity and patriotism only limited to Muslims and Fulani interests? But let it be known and we shout it out with a loud and clear voice; that an injury to one Irigwe man is an injury to the Taroh man. So also it is to the Mwaghavwul man, Afizere, Rukuba, Tal, Ngas, Goemai, and every other indigenous tribe on the Plateau as indeed to all victims of the fulanization agenda being executed in Nigeria.

“The time is past when such resentful statements divided us widely and bought our traducers mileage. We are determined to remain United in our diversity and not even a so-called Coalition can UNDO the Plateau Spirit of conviviality that has remained with us since our forefathers.”

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