COCIN Flays ‘Concerned Members’ Groups

By Ralph Madugu

The leadership of Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) has flayed the existence of the ‘Concerned members’ group operating in the church.

COCIN President, Rev. Dr. Dachollom Datiri, declared this while addressing delegates at the 98th GCC meeting of the church held at its headquarters in Jos.

He explained: “A dangerous trend is emerging where rebels and opponents of church policies and decisions are grouping themselves as concerned members and disrupting the peace and progress of the church.”

According to the clergyman, the COCIN structure had no provision for such a group and warned that such a group exists illegally and should not be heard or attended to.

He said that it was sad that some pastors appeared to be aiding and encouraging such groups and cautioned that they would be brought to book and advised members to always put across their grievances through their pastors and the appropriate channels provided by the COCIN structure.

Rev. Datiri stated that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several church programmes were cancelled, rescheduled or shifted as a result of which its finances were negatively affected and announced that they were fashioning a roadmap towards tackling the challenges associated with the pandemic.

“Our leaders at all levels must ensure that our members observe all instructions including hand washing, social distancing, use of hand sanitizers and face mask, use of infrared thermometers in churches. It is foolish and suicidal to ignore these for whatever reason or to think that observing them portrays a lack of faith,” he stressed.

On discipleship, missions and Evangelism, the cleric pointed out that, as a Bible-based church, COCIN could not downplay the command of scripture which doubled as the essence of the God-given mandate to the church and admonished pastors and leaders to demonstrate a “heartfelt and practical commitment” to this in 2021.

He maintained that the dangers of the precarious nature of the current socio-political, economic and religious climates demand a deliberate and strategic reengagement of missions and evangelism as Nigeria had degenerated into a “terrorist stricken, world poverty capital, and crises laden nation.”

He gave this advice: “We must step up on evangelism and missions. Door to door personal evangelism and regular mission outreach both internally and internationally must take centre stage in our list of activities.”

One thought on “COCIN Flays ‘Concerned Members’ Groups

  1. Yes Sir there is no provision for concerned group in COCIN yes we agree also there’s no provision for pastors to mismanaged church finances and also abuse their offices. Some of this RCC chairmen are intoxicated with power given to them by God to lead his people to salvation. Are you happy with what RCC Karu chairman did to the church?

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