Return looted Palliatives, EYN Appeals to Members

By Ralph Madugu

The leadership of the Church of the Brethren, also known as Ekkilisiyar ‘Yan Uwa a Nijeriya (EYN) has appealed to its members who erroneously participated in looting palliatives to return them as such actions are sins before God and man.

“In line with the above, I’m appealing to all EYN members, who have erroneously, participated in this grand looting, to first and foremost return whatever they have taken that does not belong to them and to know that such action is sin before God and man. No matter how big or small, there is need for us to repent before God and to restitute by returning all items, so that the LORD will forgive you and it will be well with you. I urge all parents to prevail on their children and wards to return what does not belong to them.”

Rev. Joel Billi- EYN President

This was contained in a statement issued by the EYN leaders and signed by the EYN President, Rev. Joel S. Billi, who said that, no matter how small, there was need for them to repent before and restitute by returning all the items so that the Lord will forgive them.

Said he: “As we all know, EYN is peace loving Church and that is why, even though we suffered more than any church during the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East, none of our members retaliated by burning even a small mosque. We are still suffering the attacks and many of our DCCs are still refugees in different parts of Africa.

“And that is why even the Federal Government has not assisted us in anything since 2013, we are still patiently following the teaching of our LORD Jesus to continue being a peaceful church. I will like to commend our young people who listened to us and left vengeance to the LORD during the insurgency.

The cleric who went down memory lane recalled that Nigeria used to be a united country hence Nigerians had no problem living with people of different ethnic, tribal and religious groups but regretted that Nigerians got divided along ethnic and religious lines, leading to the present degenerated state of the country, in which police brutality increased through the defunct SARS and other arms of the police that led the young ones to start a peaceful protest, demanding for reforms in the present situation.

According to him, this peaceful protest was hijacked by hoodlums, leading to senseless and wanton loss of lives and destruction of properties belonging to the Government and individuals were carted away by the hoodlums, who rained anarchy in the entire nation.

“We are hardworking people in EYN and there is no justified reason for any of us to degenerate so low as to loot properties, after what the LORD has done for us during the insurgency in the North East.”

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